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Just lovely.

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And I’m back to work, and we see the return of the philosophical Freya ;)

Make yourself fully seated in order to receive the wealth of your soul. No one else knows the extent of your wealth, nor do they have access to it. It is a treasure trove set aside for you only. Being poor is a state of mind, not the reality of your soul. Don’t discount or belittle your true worth.

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Oshun Continued


Common mistakes about this deity.

Many people call her “The African Venus” which strikes me as dismissive and annoying. She is Venusian-she rocks that planet’s energies, no doubt. However, she isn’t ” The Greek Venus in Brown”. She has her own myths and comes from a living tradition (actually many) if you want to learn about her, it’s quite easy to learn from her own practitioners. You can also invite her to come to your dreams and teach you.
Trust me, she will communicate every thing she wants you to know.

Yet More Oshun


Variations on this deity (aspects, regional forms, etc.)

This is an odd one to answer, because I’m not sure this applies to Oshun, and not having traveled in the places of the Diaspora, I don’t have the ability to compare her from Cuba to her from Brazil.
I will say that she is found in traditions throughout Carribean, United States, Africa, and South America.

Taking it back | Wytch of the North



Our Wytch if the North takes a stand for herself and her life. If you haven’t, read this and be inspired.
Beauty in motion.

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It’s time I stopped treating myself as a second-class citizen who can settle for whatever she’s handed by others.  It’s time I stopped being lazy and dismissive when it comes to my own care; after all, I depend on my physical and mental well-being for pretty much everything.  And most of all, it’s time I curbed my invasive little habit of giving away my power to other people.

What about you? Have you found yourself in a situation recently where you realized you’ve been giving away your power for far too long, or cherishing unrealistic expectations of others to your own detriment? If you’ve been doing anything at all similar to the above, then I urge you: take back your power NOW.  Don’t wait, and don’t worry what other people may think.  Take care of yourself first.  I’m sure the gods Who love you are urging no less.

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