Strange Dream of Freyja, Brisingamen, and Dwarves

Yesterday, I put my 19 year old Siamese cat, Tiki down. I had candles for her on Freyja’s altar. I feel incomplete as a Freyja Priestess without a cat of my own. I didn’t sleep well, but when I did, I dreamt this:

I am underground, jewels, stones are being made. There is pressure, gasses, alchemy, beneath the ground. Combinations and chemical compounds reacting. Its active, alive, violent. 

I am in a ruggedly decorated room, animal skins, furniture that still looks like trees, thick woolen wall hangings. I’m at a vanity brushing my hair. I am me in the chair, but looking at the mirror, I am Freyja. I choose a perfume, apply it, then finally Brisingamen. 

She (I) leave by a circuitous root, and enter an underground catacomb type place. She (I) starts to sing, a short, two line, repetitive chant song that I don’t understand. This goes on for quite a while. There’s a golden light at four places in the room, and eventually the 4 dwarves who created Brisingamen appear in front of her. I am now behind her. The dwarves bow before Her, and walk over, reach up and touch the necklace.

I walk over to the dwarves, kneel, and kiss each on both cheeks, Parisian style. I’m informed that I’ll be sleeping with the dwarf farthest on the left. I take his hand and we enter a chamber with a fire, and a bed. It isn’t awkward, (I’m 5 ft tall), as I thought it would be, but I notice we do it face to face. There’s no escaping that I’m having sex with dwarf number one (whose name I do not know). 

I wonder, if indeed, I will have this dream 3 more times…


About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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