Freyr in Dreamland,

Last night I dreamt that Freyr put a crown on my head. It was emerald, gold, ruby, and amber. He then introduced me to 2 spirits, Alfs, I believe, though I didn’t ask. (Earlier that night I had made an offering of Absinthe to Freyr and the Alfs). He told me their names, and one was involved with the beauty of the earth, helping things grow deep roots and blossom on time, produce fruit and help it ripen. The other was involved with otherworldly travel, the harvest of lives at the right moment, and the Underworld (which I grasp is “Otherworld” but it was for some reason emphasized). They kept changing appearances, they had the bodies of a human, and they were taller than I (though at 5 feet tall, that’s not difficult to manage) and had human heads, and then a deer head, and then a horse head. I took this to mean they are shapeshifters, or nature spirits attached to those creatures. While all this was going on, I worked very hard at conversing and keeping this crown on my head.

Freyr explained to me that I am to undertake a tour of the Nine Worlds (again) and do a more thorough exploration of the runes ( I generally pull tarot, for oracles). He explained that while runes are not Vanic magic per se, (at least not pre-Aesir Vanic magic), that they have taken it and made it their own. 

I woke up in the night, and the physical feeling of a pressure on my head, where a crown would rest was visceral and frankly, spooky. I couldn’t sleep for hours. Even when lying down (presumably, the crown would have fallen off) I felt the strange sensation of wearing it.

I work quite extensively with deer, mainly doe, not too often hart, and I don’t work with horse at all.

I passed the test my kindred gave on the runes which was a prerequisite for initiation, but then I passed on initiation.


Thoughts, dear readers?


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Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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4 Responses to Freyr in Dreamland,

    • tanishal says:

      Oh my…that seems very involved and overwhelming. I find it interesting/odd that Freyr and Freyja wait until I decide to move 7 hours away from my kindreds to get demanding.
      But that’s some awesome and interesting work you and Laure are doing.

  1. I was very specifically told to only use willow wood runes. Fortunately, we know someone who does rune-making and this wasn’t difficult to acquire.

    I wonder if you would find fjord horses easier to work with than horses in general. They were domesticated in Norway 4,000 years ago, and have a very different feel to me than, say, mustangs. I have loved them since I first saw them years ago.

    It’s interesting that the two beings you were introduced to were spirits of life and death, respectively.

    Between this dream and your dream of being Freya, and then following her path, it seems like they are both telling you that you will be doing very important things.

  2. tanishal says:

    Thank you, Shannon. I have a set of leather runes that I made and spontaneously bled on while I was making them. Willow must hold a medicine or a power for you. I envy a friend’s antler runes. I found it odd that the two beings were of life and death as well.
    I will look into the fjord horses, thank you. I’ve ridden horses, and one day would like to have my own (even if he isn’t capable of being ridden).
    And yes, I’m moving from Berkeley to Mt. Shasta this year, away from my kindred, and I guess I’m taking my Gods with me.
    Wish you the best.

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