Buying a Bible

The Bible is not my favorite book, but it has a long and precious history in my family. Both my parents were raised Roman Catholic, but my dad became a spiritual tourist and my mom is lapsed at best. Still, I was baptised when I was born, though I never went any further down that path.

Bibles were needed, according to my mom’s side, in every dwelling. They were given upon your birth, marriage, my family members were buried with their Bibles. As an adult, I have never owned a Bible. My mom would sneak them into my home, and I’d give the away when I found them. We’d fight over it all the time.
Ironically, my favorite piece of writing anywhere in the Song of Songs, which is said to be comparable to Egyptian love poetry of the same time, which is also quite lovely. I interpret the Song of Songs as the only book in the Bible that teaches couples how to love. My favorite translation is:


Now, as someone who comes from a magical history, my grandmother was born “with the veil”, my grandmother was said to shape shift, my grandfather used hoodoo to keep the law off his back, his father was the Medicine Man of his village in the Cape Verde Islands, and I come from a good Puerto Rican Catholic family who reads tea leaves, tarot cards, playing cards, uses the good old Bible for their bibliomancy… Yet despite all this I was permitted tarot cards at 16, but not a Ouija board. My father would not tolerate it, and made me return it. To KMART. True story.

My ancestors have requested a Bible of Their Own. I don’t know if I will ever use it, except to read the occasional passage at the altar of my dead. The psalms are quite prevalent in conjure work, and I wonder if I am missing something by simply replacing them in my practice with words and prayers I find more comforting.

So, I’ve decided to buy them one. It is Their altar after all, and if I’m asking for Their help, they should have something that makes them feel secure and revered. I’ll be buying it from my friends at Sagrada (, on Telegraph in Temescal, because I know and love them, and if any of my money is going to the “Good Book”, it has to benefit an establishment I can respect. These are really good people, if you ever have such a need (and I never thought I would) , I hope you’ll check them out. They ship.


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