Freyr’s Month, Post 1 Scents and Sensibilities

August if the Month of Freyr, in celebration of well, Freyr, and Shannon’s wedding to Freyr. Congratulations to you both!

“Scent is the most evocative way for the soul to engage in a dialogue with the universe.”  Incendiary Arts Aromatics

One of the ways that I sense and interact with my Spirits is through scent. I deeply associate certain scents with certain spirits, and they use them to communicate with me. I offer natural scents whenever I can.  Freyr tends to be woodsy scents, pine, cedar, and musk. Here’s what and how I use them:

A way to anonymously and quietly keep a reminder of your spirit with you. In your everyday life, those antlers on your head that you wear to honor Freyr may not work. Perfume, though, perfume is personal, quiet, sneaky. I can connect to Freyr in my private way, all day long.

Freyr’s Commercial Scents

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Golden Priapus

Insatiable lust, unending vigor! A truly carnal, energetic men’s blend: vanilla and amber with juniper, rosewood and white pine.

It’s soft, lovely, has the amber from his sister, and always puts me in mind of Freyr, and his Golden Priapus.

Conjure Oils Frey

{Bountiful Harvest
Freyr is from the older clan of agrarian, peaceful gods. He is sunshine and the rain that encourages the crops to grow. Green grass, sweet sunlight, plowed earth and gentle rain.

This one takes about twenty minutes to develop, and in that twenty minutes, its hard to wear. After that, its very nice, melts into the skin, so you just “smell nice”, as if you had a tumble on the forest floor.

Essential oils/Incenses I associate with Freyr (He especially likes it when I wild harvest them):

Cedar- I often burn cedar as one burns sage.  He seems to enjoy it.

Pine- Refreshing, bracing, makes everything smell clean.

Honey- Often used in natural incenses to hold them together, if you can find/make one with honey as a binder, it is quite a lovely offering.

Propolis/Pollen- A gift from the bees, plants and trees, I find this to be a perfect burnt offering for Freyr, especially since pollen is the sexual offering of male plants.

Woods Incense

Whenever I can find it, Woods incense. Its the perfect way to bring the forest indoors. I’ve even burned it during camping trips, and found that it changed the atmosphere for the better.



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