Freyr and the Animals

I have a new dog named Jazzy. Jazzy is a German Shepherd, about 8 months old. She’s huge, and she’s a rescue. I am not a dog person, and I am not a person who was looking for or ready for a dog at this time. 

My father, Joe, whom I can deny nothing, raised me with Shepherds and Shepherd mixes. I prefer the mixes, which apparently take on all the best qualities of the breeds within them. I have issues with paying for a purebred, I question the practices, and I don’t like the notion of holding one dog in higher esteem because of its bloodline. 

So after our move to the Shasta region, we were going to get a Shepherd. It turned out that his friend’s mother had one living full time in her crate, allowed out only to go to the bathroom. 

My dad came to me and asked if he could rescue her, and if she could stay with me until we moved (at least 6 weeks from now). I said a reluctant yes. Because it sounded like she was suffering, because purebreds are $500-$1,200, because I am on vacation…

It wasn’t easy. She has attachment issues, she’s overwhelmed by the change and the freedom, she’s freaked out when someone comes and goes, she can’t be more than three feet away from me. She’s a puppy, she’s huge.

My mother told me that Jazzy’s previous owner had started to go to church. There, she realized that she was “filled with evil” about the dog. She yelled, threatened, and mistreated her. I am glad that she had an awakening, I am grateful that I could see past the inconveniences of puppy ownership,bad timing, and that I’m not a dog person. 

I spoke to Freyr about this. I asked him for patience, for acceptance, for support. Jazzy needs so much, and I know Freyr knows how to teach me to give it to her. He cares how animals are treated. He wants them treated with care and respect, whether their purpose is companionship, food, or education. The pigs and horses that were sacred to Him, and were eventually sacrificed to Him were treated well. They probably even died a good death.

The state of our “modern”  farming and breeding practices upset Freyr. Have a chat with him about them, and you’ll see. So too, does the common person’s relationship with food. Perhaps this season, becoming more educated about your nourishment, where it comes from and how it’s treated and grown can be an offering to him. Even vegetables can be grown in harmful and hazardous ways. 


Walking for Rescued Farm Animals

Animal Welfare Farm Act Info and the King Amendment

“If enacted, this provision would shield out-of-state producers from having to comply with farm animal welfare laws of the states where they do business.”

Whole Foods Animal Welfare Standards

Completely Pesticide Free Farming

Community Supported Agriculture


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