Missing the Magic

Living in the shadow of one of the most magical mountains in California, Mt. Shasta, you’d think the magic would flow. You’d think even the most mundane, spiritual brick-hearted person would still manage to effortlessly have magic flow through them. And certainly, one such as I, a well trained, multi-trad, practitioner of nearly two decades would actually see fairies-with my open, everyday, eyes- in such a place.



Moving my entire family into our new home and our new life has been a time and energy sucking experience. My parents aren’t terribly computer savvy-they can facebook and pandora, but that’s about it- leaves me finding vets, utility services, wood delivery people, doctors and pharmacies, and all the other things we could ever possibly need.

Having left my spiritual groups behind, and not having really explored what the region has to offer in that respect, I don’t even have a dedicated group outlet for such practices.

I’ve managed offerings for gratitude, some river and waterfall visits, I am after all Hija de Oshun. Though these have been family affairs, not meeting the deep ceremony I keep imagining. Our dog, who begins training wakes me every morning with her barking, snapping me so suddenly and harshly from my dream state, that my dreams evaporate instantly, taking any warnings, knowledge and usefulness with them. Winter is near, and I don’t so well in the Winter. The lack of light makes me miserable. I yearn for brighter days, when bees buzz, and flutterbies flutter.

Don’t let this make you think that the Gods are all quiet and patient. I will work with any deity I happen to fall in love with, so my list is long, because deities are so compelling because they are noble, giving, powerful, and well-lovable. Oshun has my deepest relationship, but Odin and Freyja have my longest. And one just doesn’t work with an Orisha in a vacuum, so that means I deal with many of the Orisha as well. I am also Hija de Obatala (who is associated with Shasta. Practitioners often call it “Obatala’s Mountain”). After a month, I have yet to actually visit the Mountain proper, though I can see it from everywhere, and live at it’s feet. I’m going next week, though.


I know it won’t always be this way. Routines will appear, worship and devotion will happen, my parents will adapt and need me less.

There are blessings, today, three doves pecked in my front yard, reminding me of Aphrodite’s blessings. There were also chickadees, and a brown bird I didn’t recognize. There was firewood, which I am so grateful to the trees for, to warm my home. My fire making skills have actually advanced to the point where I can warm the house with our wood stove. There was food and love, kisses from a dog and a kitty. Sweet parakeets sang to us all day.

I guess, for now, that is magic enough.


About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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