Asked Oshun a favor…

I need to have something resolved in the most diplomatic way possible, and she said she’d help, and then the bill came for that help. Expect a weekly Oshun post! To prepare for these, I get to re-read every single thing I own on Herself. I get to make her a crown. I get to do so many things for Her! 

My relationship with her is a little less solid than I like. I was planning on leaving my House (group of Orisha worship) for an entire host of reasons, and I was asked to leave before I got the chance for failing to be as “chemical free” as they wanted me to be.

Now, my House had it’s issues, and I can’t say I was getting my needs met there, but at least I had a monthly gathering to go to to connect with the Orisha, I had brothers and sisters in the faith, I had community. Now, with the move, I wouldn’t have that anyway, but the Orisha are a tricky batch of deities to worship alone. 

That don’t mean my Oshun altar ain’t a fabulous piece of work, mind you. It doesn’t mean I don’t take my initiations seriously or that I shirk my obligations.

Its just that, I can only bang one drum at a time.

I’m fully aware that if and when The Lady wants me to have community, I shall have it again.

But for now, surrounded by rivers and waterfalls, I give gratitude that She has called me home and holds me in Her arms.


About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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