How to deal with the Itty Bitty Sh**ty Committee (that inner voice that sabotages your thoughts or actions with self-doubt or negative reinforcement)

Useful advice on fighting fire with fire.

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Most of the cells in our body and brain are constantly striving toward the state of homeostasis and want us to be happy, healthy and successful. But there are some party poopers, as well.  A very small number of cells in our verbal mind is very resourceful in tapping into our insecurities, doubts and anxieties, which results in negative self talk and mental loops of doom and gloom. How can we break out of that cycle? Let’s explore.

Two weeks ago I have moved from Portland, Oregon to Troy, Michigan. The move was prompted by a fantastic professional opportunity for my husband, but for me it meant leaving behind my friends, my favorite city and my yoga studio. It was tough.  On top of million logistical things associated with moving across the country I also had to wrap up my business and reconcile with the fact that I would have…

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