Bringing it All Together…


Courtesy Flickriver

I make friends with spirits as if they are people. The biggest difference between spirits and people, that I can see, is that I ask less of the people and that the people are all willing to just come mingle at a dinner party.

Spirits *not so much*.

My practice is *challenging*. I love *SO MANY SPIRITS* I don’t think this makes me “eclectic” or “flaky”, I just see Gods as cool friends to have. I have greater levels of devotion to some than others, I adore Odin, Freyr, *and* Hades, Obatala, Shango, and Ogun.

I live for love and beauty, or as a friend says it, “Blood, Honey, Sex, Magic”. I *belong* to and with these ladies. Trust me, I got proof. This leads me to Freyja, Pomba-Gira, Oshun, Aphrodite, The Graces, The Charities, Babalon, Ishtar, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Josephine Baker, Marilyn Monroe.

Tara is also a big figure in my life. Adore her.

Most of my pagan friends have said to me, some version of “You have helped me see deity X through a lense of love, and I didn’t before. I can see love as deity x’s motivation, thanks to you…”

Honestly, I think that’s my power. Finding the love, and when you turn on each thing that comes before you with eyes of love, it glows with your recognition. I can’t love *everything* yet, but I *am* aware that my inability to love it is a failure on my part. All is lovable, on some level. Quan Yin, Babalon, and Tara are all said to “Accept and love all that comes before Them.”

So while this is all grand and marvelous, I feel inadequate when I don’t have the proper offering, or correct color candle, or permanent altar space for someone that means so much to me. It’s as if you came over for a visit, and I had nothing to offer you.

I’m not even certain how I’d go about a more generic approach. Maybe I’d carry a house red, a house white, a decent tea, and a good bread, oil, and honey. Maybe I’d create a rainbow altar, with a mixed media collage above it. Maybe I’d go pure white.

Or take a different approach…all baths, orgasms and makeovers are dedicated to Love God/desses, all acts of charity are to The Charities, Oshun, and Tara…or I can have Greek Day! African Day! Norse Day!

This is all rather silly, but the underlying conundrum is the same…so many spirits, so little time and money. There must be a graceful, elegant answer to this conundrum. I just hope to find it. Guilt should not be a part of my practice.




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Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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