Thor, I mean, Adam Copeland


I don’t have any feels for Thor. I just seem to have a kind of muted experience with him. I hail him in circles, but I’ve never been moved to have more of a relationship with him. In fact, Odin is the only Aesir deity I’m close to.

I was watching “Haven” a supernatural show set in Maine, based on the works of Stephen King. I love it because it reminds me of home (Cape Cod). “Dwight” is a protective character who cleans up and hides the secrets and mysteries. He’s always been “Thor” to me.

However, last night I dreamt he was my fiance, and he had a 5 year old son with hie previous wife. Dream Tanisha really loved him, and was really into his son. It was Christmas-time and we were decorating a hall for an event for underpriviliged children, giving out toys, books, toiletries. He’d just bought my engagement ring.  Life Tanisha is like, “I don’t date blondes, and certainly not when they have 5 year olds…” so I’m trying to figure all this out.

Am I in love with Thor? Is Thor in love with me?


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2 Responses to Thor?

  1. Sindr says:

    A friend of mine once did a post about how dreaming of toads from a witch perspective can be fraught with difficulty as we keep trying to seek the bigger meaning. “In the end,” she wrote, “Sometimes it’s just toads.”

    I have such a crush on the Dwight character (and the actor!) it’s not true! But it’s not because of Thor trying to get my attention, it’s because I’m a single woman and he’s hawt hehe. That’s all. I actually DID have Thor trying to get my attention for quite some time, and I ran away saying LALALALALALALA at the top of my voice for several years before I sat down and listened to what He had to say to me.

    From my outsider’s perspective I’d say this was Just Toads. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a really nice dream heh.

    • tanishal says:

      Oh, I’m not at all saying it couldn’t be “just toads”. However, personally, the way a deity has gotten my attention, since time immemorial, is to show up as a character/piece of art I can relate to.
      I have a hard time relating to deities who don’t or won’t show up as human. I seem to need a visage. This works with energies as well as deities. When I can see an energy working through a figure, it makes more sense to me.
      I”ll definitely wait and see if “More Thor” turns up, but each time I see Dwight, I think “That’s Thor, not Dwight…”
      Still, I’m glad to have found a relatable human character for a deity many of my friends adore, and whom I’ve known energetically for over a decade.

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