Oshun’s Prosperity Oil


Following Her advice, I made a prosperity oil for a friend. Here is the basic recipe. I don’t do measurements so much, so use pinches, handfuls, and smidges…

In a base of coconut oil, infuse






You can do this in a bain -marie, double boiler, in the sun, or with an oil burner.


Mix in:

Pumpkin Oil

Cinnamon OIl

Neroli Oil

Marigold Oil

“Oshun” Oil

If you don’t have “Oshun Oil”, I got mine from Ancient Ways in Oakland, you can substitute another money oil, or Sunflower.

Many Oshun Priest/esses won’t use Pumpkin Oil, as it is believed that Oshun is upset whenever you cut open a pumpkin, but I haven’t found this to always be the case. I bought Her a bottle at Her request, and I only use it when and how She suggests.

You can add a bit of amber, citrine, gold flakes/glitter, or magnetic sand to your bottle if you like.

May you experience security, luxury, and may you share the wealth.

About tanisha la rosa

Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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