Odin is the first God I ever met, who had a name and a face, a cult and a history. I’d been working with the generic Lord and Lady from the Wiccan theory for a very long time, about seven years (nevermind that I would later learn that they were secretly Freyr and Freyja). People in my coven had been finding more distinct deities to worship, who became their patrons. They had histories, songs, stories.

I asked “The Lady” what I should do, and she told me to go out to the biggest tree I could find, and bring offerings of wine, red, and a decent bread. 

Havamal 138;

“None gave me drink, none gave me bread”


Off I went. To Golden Gate Park. With my wine and bread. I even brought a nice cheese. I introduced myself to that waiting God, asking him to hear me and accept my offering. 

Later at home, I lit the candles for the Lord and Lady, as I often did, and Odin appeared. In my head. (How did he get in my head????!!!!)

Having read some Norse myth, including the Havamal (I should have seen it coming). I decided that if He was the God that was going to show up, I would just be Dianic now, thanks. I put the Lord candle in the drawer and only addressed “The Goddess” for about three months.

I was young. He was patient.

Eventually, I decided that He couldn’t be that bad, as He had followers, some of whom seemed sane, and well, they invoked Him and lived to tell the tale. I could too. 

And I did, and I lived. 

I didn’t grasp why he’d be interested in me. I was Puerto Rican, Cape Verdean and Portuguese. I was female. I was *not* a warrior. I didn’t much care for blue. Hel, I didn’t much care for HIM!

But he showed me the runes, and I found him to be concerned for humanity, willing to sacrifice himself for us, and most importantly, I found him to be loving. Loving in a way that’s deep and as unfathomable as the depths of space. He’s never brought me to any harm, and I’m always happy to see him. He’s also endlessly charming, when he wants to be.

He brought me to Heathenry, and it wasn’t long after I met him that I left Wicca behind. He brought me to The Troth, and Hrafnar, to Seidhr and the Runes, and actually, to the Orisha. 

He introduced me to Freyja. For this, I will be forever in his debt, for it was She who introduced me to myself. 

I grew to love him, and he will forever have a place in my heart, and at my table.

Hail, Odin.


About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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3 Responses to Odin

  1. bearfairie says:

    Hail indeed ♡

  2. Beth says:

    Hail Odin! When He shows up in someone’s life, one of His hallmarks is that He either introduces you to yourself or arranges for you to meet the One who can. 🙂

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