C is for Chanting

Chanting is an age-old practice (read that as, I’m not researching how old) for steadying the mind, connecting with deity and manipulating energy.If you are struggling with your meditation practice, adding a chant to give you something to focus on can definitely help you turn off the nonsensical monkey mind.

As a practitioner of yoga, chanting kind of comes with the class, for free! In places all over the world, badly pronounced Sanskrit brings us closer to God! To be fair, there’s also plenty of beautifully pronounced Sanskrit, Latin,etc going on out there.


“Here we are now, entertain us…”

Sure, there’s a lot of power in an old collection of sounds that have been whispered and shouted by millions of people for millennia. They have tradition and history, and power in them is strong, simply because they are enmeshed with the energies of people repeating them in states of emotional arousal. There’s something to be said for relying on “Om”, “Salve Regina” or “We All Come from The Goddess”. 

Chants, however, do not need to be ancient, foreign, or difficult to pronounce, they must only be *meaningful*. One of my favorite chants is simply a litany of my ideals: “Love, Beauty, Prosperity, Benevolence, Auspiciousness, Peace, Healing”. I have a friend who relies on “This too shall pass.” When people around me aren’t acting in a way I approve of, I often repeat “Like the lovely lotus, I am untouched by the muck.”

And if you insist, some Sanskrit mantras are quite simple.


Cats, totally helpful with the chanting. Their assistance in this endeavor can not be overstated.


“Aham Prema” Ah-ham-Pree-mah-I am Love

“Aham Karuna” Ah-ham-kar-oona-I am the essence of Compassion

“Aham Mangalam”Ah-ham Man-guh-lam-I am Auspiciousness

This year, I want to chant each of Lalita’s 1000 names 108 times, as a way to connect with her energy. 

There are also a ton of chanting and mantra apps, as well as plenty of youtube videos on the proper pronunciation of chants in many languages.



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