Looking back at my posts, it occurs to me that I might want to clarify what my spirituality is. While I have studied a lot of traditions, and have been initiated into several traditions, I don’t necessarily have a word I can point to and declare myself “This.”

It’s lonely, at times. I’ve always marveled at those who can be truly and thoroughly devoted to one path, to one God. To be surrounded by others, sometimes thousands of others, who share your devotion.That’s not in the cards for me, though.

You see I worship Love and Beauty, the blog you’re reading is after all, “the Lure of Beauty”. Love is pretty well understood, warmth, comfort, blessing, benevolence, understanding, acceptance…but I worship Beauty as wholeness and harmony, not an ideal. I see it everywhere. The whole universe burns with it. I’m also smart enough to know that just because I don’t see it there, doesn’t mean it isn’t present. As someone once said to me, “When I met you, I thought you were vapid, all the Love Goddess stuff, but now I realize you chose it because you have seen ugliness, and you know all about it.”

So while I cannot call myself “Buddhist” “Wiccan” or “Sufi”, luckily I make up for that by finding inspiration for my path everywhere. From the words of Anais Nin, Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker, to the romance of pollinator and flower, there’s inspiration for following this path wherever I turn.

There’s Gods, too obvious ones like Aphrodite, Oshun, Hathor and Freyr, Tara, Quan Yin, Freyja, and less obvious ones like Loki and Odin. I believe most Spirits operate from love of something.

So I choose my practices from among the love I find in traditions from around the world. Metta, Maitri, Ahimsa, I hold close to my heart, Yogic Heart Breathing, Honey Jar Spells, Beekeeping, Animal Activism, Yoga, Dance, Charity, Chanting, Meditation, all of these and more make up my overall practice.

Which means I can be scattered, and overwhelmed. Love and beauty are everywhere, and as you can imagine, I get yanked around by my heart over and over again.

When I get lost, I turn to Venus, planet of Love, Beauty, Luxury. I look to where she is, what she’s conjunct or square to…and I go from there.

On my better days, I remember to ask myself “What would be the most loving thing I could do/say here?” I pray to take every action from a place of love, to see through the eyes of love.

In beauty and love,



About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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3 Responses to Clarification

  1. cicadinae says:

    What a great way of handling the pagan label issue! I’m in a similar boat to yours, but haven’t found a way to define it. Your method is very nice, loose but fulfilling nonetheless. Great post!

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