Effort and Energy with Henry Rollins


Achieve, Henry can help.

The secret that all successful people have in common is effort. All day long, on facebook, in my living room, on blogs, in town, I hear (and say) vague, repetitive, long-held desires. The only thing that will take a desire from wish to fulfillment is effort and energy.


Or inactions…

For years I wanted to go back to yoga…start a yoga practice…achieve a certain pose. No amount of Yoga Journals coming to my house were creating a yoga practice. No amount of reading yoga blogs was either. The only thing that created a yoga practice in my life, was me getting on a mat, in a studio or at home, and practicing yoga. Repeatedly. Consistently. That’s it. Simple. And hella difficult.

A friend of mine asked me to teach her, and when I tried to get together with her, she made excuse after excuse. Finally I told her to stop asking me, and I gave her some yoga magazines, some websites, and some app titles. She’s on her own.


Show, don’t tell.



A friend of mine researched the medley of ways to remember one’s dreams, trying to find the most useful one. She came to the conclusion that what they all boiled down to, what they all had in common, was effort.

If, as many people believe, words hold energy, and help create the world we live in and experience, each time you say, “I want to start yoga” “I want to go back to school” “I want to try ballroom dance” you are depleting the energy of your desires, of your will. Try “I am making progress on __________” and see if it increases our motivation, rather than your longing.

Some of us, on the other hand don’t know what we want, or feel conflicted about their desires. Try and find one, no matter how small, silly, or seemingly insignificant. Once you’ve found one, make any effort you can in order to create movement in the direction of it’s fulfillment.

If you find yourself wishing you had a beautiful, functional wardrobe, there are many steps you can take, even if you’re low on funds, time, and energy.
Try on the things you own, get rid of everything that doesn’t make you feel or appear in the ways you desire (keep one crappy clean the house/help someone move/paint the living room outfit). See if there are new ways to coordinate what you already have. Get rid of things you never wear, hate, or received as a gift, but they don’t suit you. Can some of these things be altered or changed into something different?


Perhaps you need a button up coat.

You can create a pinterest board, a notebook, a collage of things you find that you like. Don’t just look at the clothes, check out the textures, prints, shapes, colors. Films and photographs may be useful to find genres and periods with costuming you appreciate. Maybe you like the whimsy of Cirque du Soleil costumes, or Burner costumes. Maybe you like the sharp elegance of attire from the 1940’s. You may find that you desperately want more velvet in your life, or more royal blue.

Check out yard sales or used stores. Consignment shops will give you cash or store credit for your old things.
Make a list of things that are missing from your wardrobe. The perfect dancing dress, a western blazer, motorcycle boots. This way when you do shop, you’re buying things you know you want, not just what strikes your fancy that day. Stores are manipulative places, and trends never last.

If you want to go back to school, set up an appointment with your local college admissions office, and go in to see what sorts of options there are for you. Online classes, hybrid in person/online classes, or in person classes are all available, as is tutoring, and often financial aid of some type.


Henry wants you to learn.

Light a candle to your Gods, ask your ancestors for guidance, write a letter of intention, create an altar towards your goal, any number of things can be seen as effort. It must however, be applied consistently, one yoga class does not a yogini make.


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