Lucifer’s Beauty



Paul Fryer is the artist of the above statue. When I posted the link to the article, several of my friends lamented that he isn’t beautiful. So here’s a small testament to Lucifer’s Beauty.



Chaire Cathédrale Liège,

My mom told me as a child that Lucifer was beautiful, that he was the most beautiful angel, that he was a great gentleman, and that he was smooth as silk. She told me he defied God, so he was thrown out of heaven. Now, as a 5 year old, I knew that you just didn’t throw out the most beautiful. The most beautiful one was the best one, and you kept the best one. (You also kept the least beautiful one, but for entirely different reasons…) I dreamt of meeting Lucifer, the most beautiful angel, because he was the most beautiful.


Lucifer by Franz von Stuck

The first Satanist I ever met (I don’t believe Satan and Lucifer are the same, but for the moment, let’s pretend) was a co-worker of my dad. I played Candyland with him when I was 4, we had him to dinner. He was just kind and patient, and loving. When I was 15 I found out that he was a “devil worshipper” and now recall the Baphomet tattoo and the odd pendant. He had kind eyes and was from Budapest, I believe. Point is, I loved him, and he loved me, his beliefs didn’t make him inherently evil.


Aede Chan

This I never knew.
“Joseph Campbell (1972: pp. 148–149) illustrates an unorthodox Islamic reading of Lucifer’s fall from Heaven, which champions Lucifer’s eclipsing love for God:

One of the most amazing images of love that I know is in Persian – a mystical Persian representation as Satan as the most loyal lover of God. You will have heard the old legend of how, when God created the angels, he commanded them to pay worship to no one but himself; but then, creating man, he commanded them to bow in reverence to this most noble of his works, and Lucifer refused – because, we are told, of his pride. However, according to this Muslim reading of his case, it was rather because he loved and adored God so deeply and intensely that he could not bring himself to bow before anything else, and because he refused to bow down to something inferior to him (since he was made of fire, and man from clay). And it was for that that he was flung into Hell, condemned to exist there forever, apart from his love.”
Isn’t that what hell is? To be separated from the Beloved? My heart breaks for Lucifer, light bringer. God knows, I love a Beast. 
Pietro Calvi
So while I haven’t worked with him enough to consider myself a Luciferian, he does have a place in my heart, and will always be welcome. Besides, when you’re as venusian as I am, you don’t pick and choose. he comes with the territory.
Viggo Mortensen as Lucifer


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3 Responses to Lucifer’s Beauty

  1. Leikin says:

    Reblogged this on The Ravens Breath and commented:
    I am simply going to Quote Tori Amos on this, it speaks for itself IMO….

    “I’ve always said that Lucifer understands love better than anybody.”
    “Some of my girlfriends-liberal London girls-had a problem with the idea that I was writing a song called ‘Father Lucifer.’ One of them heard it and cried and said, ‘You made him so beautiful,’ and I said, ‘What if he is beautiful?’”
    ~Tori Amos

  2. EmberVoices says:

    Perhaps strangely, my first thought upon seeing the photos of the sculpture was that I couldn’t figure out why people – including the author of the article – said it *wasn’t* beautiful.

  3. tanishal says:

    Ember, I thought it was beautiful, too-but people were hurt over the fact that he isn’t to most eyes, and that to the artist, he isn’t either, so I wrote this for them.

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