Laxmi Redux

Sometime last year, I discovered “Awakening Shakti” by Sally Kempton. Of the Goddesses Kempton highlights, I was drawn to Laxmi (quelle surprise) and other emanations of her, if I recall correctly, Lalita and Sita. I did a round of Lakshmi’s mantra for the traditional 41 days. During that time, we finally received a $500 dollar reward we had earned for writing a grant that we had previously been unable to collect. 


And then I put the book back on the shelf, and I don’t know. Did other things.

I was getting a book off of the same shelf weeks later, and “Awakening Shakti” fell off the shelf, along with it and hit me in the head. Great. The book I was aiming for, had a chapter it it on Lakshmi, that I had not read. So I did.

Later that evening, I found an unlabeled perfume bottle with a piece of tape on top that read “Lak”. Turned out to be Lakshmi by Conjure Oils.

Finally, when looking for a condolence card in the desk, I found this: 


I do not recall owning this.

So I suppose it’s time for more Lakshmi. 

Lakshmi is found in the physical form of money, especially coins. 

The most precious coin I own, is an American Gold Coin. 


I’ve had it for over a decade, and no matter how thin things have gotten, I’ve never sold it. I’ve never considered selling it. It was a gift from a Vietnam War Veteran, whom I loved. He was decades older than I and he’d received it from his parents after he got drafted. He wore it for two tours of active duty, along with his dog tags. As he told me about all his time in Vietnam, I felt for him. Of course he still had lifelong habits, patterns, and issues that affected his life adversely, When he gave me this, I told him I couldn’t accept it. He had no children, and insisted. So I have “her” his guardian, and as I have no kids, I don’t know who I’ll leave it to. Maybe I’ll use it to get across that river when I go.

It’s resting on the Laxmi altar, along with the rest of my coins, cash, and credit cards. I’m starting another round of her mantra and working my way through the exercises in Kempton’s book. 



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