Faces of Love

I was recently reminded that my religion-what I worship is Love and Beauty. So I’ve been re-defining those terms, clearing and cleaning them up in my head and re-connecting with their overall concepts. I’ve also been pondering where deities come into play in my own path.



Love: Love is the unselfish and joyful wish that someone/something have happiness. It’s compassion, charity, tenderness, strength, auspiciousness and benevolence. It’s one of the reasons that LovingKindness Meditation works for me. It connects me to people, places, and things I adore without them actually needing to be near me. 

When I am “loving” someone if they meet my needs, act how I wish, do what I say-I am not loving, I am trying to manipulate and control. Am I perfectly loving always towards everything? No. I’d like to be-but the dog challenges me no end, as do politicians, and criminals. I do not love perfectly, and I do not expect to. 



In addition- Love isn’t always pretty or peaceful. The most loving treatment for a diseased limb is often removing it-which seems violent. Giving my cat her needed medication was a challenge, she hated taking it, I hated wrestling with her and forcing her into it. Still-it was more loving than letting her kidney issues go untreated.

I believe that all deities do come from a place of love, I believe they are motivated by love. (Love of what is a question for another time.) They do not love perfectly, as we learn from Inanna, Aphrodite, Apollo. However, I do not expect perfection from deities.

Beauty- To my mind, “Beauty” is alive in all of us. Just because I don’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. Beauty is harmony, grace,elegance. So a prayer to bring “Beauty to my finances” is a call for harmony, for my money to go to good causes-whether that’s a company or artisan from which I make a purchase, or a monetary charitable donation. It’s a call for the money that comes in to come in without harm, and to balance what flows in and what flows out. I truly believe that I can develop a “beautiful” relationship with money. 



People are happier when their surroundings are beautiful. There have been many studies. Your definition of “beauty” is most likely different from mine. Mine includes bright colors, many plants, Moroccan details, cats and skylights. When our surroundings please us, we are calmer, more secure, and happier. 

The reason I have embraced the outdoors is because nature is so beautiful, though I still prefer beautifully landscaped botanical gardens and museums. 

These are my ideals, I’ve been studying and working with Venusian energies for ages- Love, Luxury, Beauty, Elegance, Opulence, Artistic Creativity and so on. -and I do-when I remember-ask myself “What is the most loving thing I can do about this?” Sometimes it’s leave the room or hug a friend. It may not look loving, but is preferable to other less-loving options. 

Now the Gods. 

A friend once left a tradition I had studied, and remain tied to. He told me, after cutting off many of the members of that group: “I’m keeping you, because you have a good heart.”  Then he implied that I developed my good heart because of those deities. 

I don’t see it that way. I think I have a good heart, always have-and I’m drawn to deific expressions that encourage and exemplify a closer perfection of having a good heart. 

My Gods and I don’t interact this way. I don’t act how I act to please them. I act in ways that I can live with. Apparently, some philosophies believe that God or religion dictates and teaches us how to behave. I feel that even without any religion-I would behave the same and have the same ideals. I feel that the deities that attract me, and that I attract are friends on the path. They want a world of love, beauty, compassion, kindness and abundance. So do I. I’m not saying we have the same powers, that I am God or that they don’t teach and inspire me-just that my outlook and behavior doesn’t depend on them. Behaving well because of religion and fear of deity don’t make you a good person, they make you a scared person.

That said, some of my inspirations are (In no particular order):

Quan Yin













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