Full Moon 6/13/14


signed, but I can’t quite read it…


Tonight, I will travel to the cemetery with offerings for the spirits. Advised by Odin to “stay on the side of the living” I will dress in black, and pass my gifts of coins, honey, water, fruit, butter, and wine across the gate. In addition are the feathers of peacock and blue jay-two birds very important to me, and the ashes of aspects of my former self. 

I’m feeling weepy~as one usually does when facing a memorial~and unprepared. As a Cancerian cycling with the moon~ a bit of existential angst is to be expected.


april wood


It will be an uneasy couple of weeks while I whittle down my practice to more self-reflection, meditation, receptivity, dreaming, dance, and self-discovery. Luckily tomorrow there will be gifts from friends in my mailbox.

Once the New Moon arrives, I will plant metaphorical and physical seeds to create, strengthen, and awaken more desirable aspects of myself~ since nature abhors a vacuum. 

Hope your evening is magical.


About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, beekeeper, spirit worker, tarot and rune reader, pollinator advocate, dancer, dreamer, Cancerian, teacher, lover, follower of the Vanir, and the Orisha.
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2 Responses to Full Moon 6/13/14

  1. EmberVoices says:

    “signed, but I can’t quite read it…”
    It says LKN. A brief search-by-image produces files labelled “By LknPL” by more than this I could not easily find… -E-

  2. luscious and intimate….it is like I saw you in a dream….

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