More Oshun

III. Symbols and icons of this deity.

Oshun is associated with brass, copper and gold. She is represented by flowing waters, including waterfalls. Her color is yellow, she loves pumpkins and sunflowers.
I’m taking Icons to mean “avatars” because that’s how I choose to see it. Josephine Baker, Angelina Jolie, Erykah Badu,  Natacha Atlas, and Eartha Kitt have always struck me as Oshuns. I know a male Oshun when I see one, but when I think of her I admit I run towards the female.


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Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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2 Responses to More Oshun

  1. bearfairie says:

    I think JLo is actually made to Ochun 🙂

  2. tanisharose says:

    Then it would be grand if she could stop doing commercials for L’Oreal which tests on animals and embrace Caridad and do some charity,

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