Oshun Day 2

II. How did you become first aware of this deity?

I met a African Traditional practitioner at a party, thrown by a mutual friend. She had been told that I was attending and that I might be an Oshun, though no one mentioned it to me. After the party as I was driving this woman home, she regaled me with tale after tale of Oshun. 

Soon after that, I was passing a Botanica in San Francisco’s Mission District, when a customer exited the building holding a paper bag. He said, “Que Linda” and handed the bag to me, hopped on his bike and pedaled away. Inside was an Oshun candle, an Oshun oil, and a Caridad del Cobre medal. 

I hope his spell worked.


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4 Responses to Oshun Day 2

  1. EmberVoices says:

    Your Botanica story reminds me of a story my Mom has told me about the priest who baptized me about what it’s like to be on the operative end of the gods sending someone an omen.

    He and a colleague were driving home from a conference when the car broke down. They weren’t in an area where they could easily walk a few blocks for gas or find a pay phone (before cell phones), so they needed someone to stop and help. Figuring he had better odds of getting help if it was obvious he was clergy, he put his collar on and went to the flag down some assistance.

    The next car to come by was a woman who was crying her eyes out. She was going through a very hard time in life, had left the church long since, and had JUST been praying aloud to God to send her a sign if He was truly there for her, when the next thing she saw was a collared Episcopal priest waving earnestly at her!

    I can just imaging that the fellow had been given instructions to buy these things, and give them to Oxun, only to have Oxun seem to walk right up to him right after he bought them!


  2. tanisharose says:

    How wonderful! Sometimes we really do get elegant and swift responses from the universe.
    I admit I was terribly flattered and humbled.

  3. pashton13 says:

    I love it when They can be that direct.

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