Day 4 of Oshun

A favorite myth or myths of this deity:

My favorite myth of Oshun is when she transformed from a peacock to a vulture to save the world.
There came a time after the creation of the earth, when humankind began to become wicked. Jealousy and enmity prevailed everywhere, and Olodumare became so angry at humankind, that He turned his back on His creation, and moved far away from the earth, behind the sun. He caused the rain to cease, and the sun to burn the earth incessantly. As a result, crops failed, and humankind began to starve and suffer. People pleaded with the orisha to save them. The orisha, in turn, pleaded with Olodumuare to cease the suffering. But Olodumare was too far away to hear. One by one, the orisha lined up on the earth, and beseeched Olodumare to listen, but to no avail. Oshun, because she was the youngest of the orisha, was not invited to participate. She was considered too naïve, interested only in her looks, to help in such a crisis. Never one to be ignored, Oshun took the form of a peacock, her symbol and avatar. She appeared before the other orisha, and offered them her assistance. The older orisha laughed. They said she was too fragile and pretty to help, and sent her away. As it became apparent that the orisha were not experiencing any success in their petitions to Olodumare, Oshun again attempted to offer her assistance. At this point, the older orisha had nothing to lose, so they agreed to allow Oshun to do what she could. Once again in the form of a peacock, which she knew Olodumare would recognize, she flew toward heaven to meet Olodumare. For days she flew. Her wings became tired, but she did not stop. As she got closer to the sun, her beautiful feathers were singed off, making her unrecognizable as a peacock and giving her the appearance of a vulture instead. Nevertheless, she refused to give up. Finally, after much effort, Oshun arrived at Olodumare’s palace in heaven. She flew in, bedraggled, burned and exhausted. When He saw her, Olodumare at first didn’t recognize her, in her disheveled condition. When he finally realized it was her, Olodumare asked Oshun why she had exerted herself and gone through so much trouble to see him. In response, Oshun answered that it was her love for Oldoumare’s creation, and her desire not to see humankind destroyed that made her endure so much to see Him. This softened Olodumare’s heart. He took pity on Oshun. In honor of her heroic effort to save humankind, Oldoumare made it rain. This ended the suffering upon the earth and made it possible for life to thrive again. Because of her appearance when she arrived to see him, Olodumare declared that in addition to the peacock, the vulture would be a sacred symbol of Oshun. He further announced that though she was the youngest orisha, she would always be the one to have his ear, so that anyone who professed and lived a life based on love would be blessed by him. Oshun returned to the earth and gained the respect of her orisha siblings, who made her a queen among them.

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