Oshun Continued

Common mistakes about this deity.

Many people call her “The African Venus” which strikes me as dismissive and annoying. She is Venusian-she rocks that planet’s energies, no doubt. However, she isn’t ” The Greek Venus in Brown”. She has her own myths and comes from a living tradition (actually many) if you want to learn about her, it’s quite easy to learn from her own practitioners. You can also invite her to come to your dreams and teach you.
Trust me, she will communicate every thing she wants you to know.


About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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2 Responses to Oshun Continued

  1. Red says:

    just racism really. notice how everything is always “the black james bond/lance armstrong/george washington” whatever, which makes it so non white people can’t do anything that isn’t distorted through a white lens

  2. tanisharose says:

    Very true and interesting point, thank you.

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