Cleanse. Protect. Reverse.

As a wee lass, I didn’t pay much mind to any of the above. I figured the Universe was a nice place, and I was here to experience it-for better or worse. Lately, though, I’ve had some serious cleansing-and I feel better for it.

Join me, if you will~in a multi-part exploration of these practices. We will ramble-across ingredients, tips, tricks, and ideas. We will explore the differences between inner and outer energies that we want to dismantle.



I’m a huge fan of bathing. I love it. I wish our society were more devoted to it’s pleasures, but instead, it mocks me by creating living spaces without bathtubs, and people will live in these. I don’t understand.

For those of us that embrace the the Holy Bath, some ideas:

Lavender– related to the Latin “Lavare” to wash- so the member of the mint family is deeply related to cleansing

Sage– long associated with cleansing, especially in Native traditions-don’t feel like it is necessary that you only use white sage- any sage will do, even kitchen varieties

Epsom Salts– said to draw out toxins

Sea Salts– also long associated with cleansing and protection

Palo Santo– wood from a South American tree, I usually get the oil, but it also comes as a stick that you burn like a smudge stick

Ginger & Mustard Detox Bath

One of my favorite combinations is Ginger, Mustard Powder, and Salts, it’s like a mini-sauna. Energetically, it’s fiery and warming, great for winter. It’s believed to help relieve cold and flu symptoms.

To a tub of warm water, add:

1/2 cup freshly grated ginger (or 1 tbsp powder)

1/8 cup dry mustard powder

1/2 cup salts (epsom, sea, or a combination)

Swish in the tub until dissolved and enjoy.

Tea~ A bath for the inside!


What about energies you’re carrying around on the interior?

Kill it with Fire Tea!

Ginger, Cinnamon, Fennel, and Cayenne (just a touch)

This fiery combination is a warming tonic for the insides.


Kill it with Kindness Tea!

Sage, Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, Rose

This gentle combination is cleansing and nourishing.

Bodily Approaches

Massage, meditation, saunas, hot tubs, and other forms of body-work can all be useful in purging the body of undesirable energies.

Any movement practice that you engage in can be applied to moving harmful or unwanted energies out of the body. Some of my favorites are yoga, in particular Sun Salutations (more fiery-magic) and yogic breaths.

Here is Sadie Nardini’s Yogic Detox Breath  video.

And her Sun Salutations

For further information on removing traumatic energies from the body with movement, see~

The work of Peter Levine



The work of Will Johnson




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