Life as a Spell


As I have “advanced” in my practices, I find that I rarely cast spells anymore. I cast maybe four a year. This doesn’t mean that I need or want less stuff, or that life is suddenly smooth and easy. What it does mean, is that my relationships with my Powers that Be have improved and in a way-solidified, so that we can work more harmoniously to achieve my (our) goals.

My practice has leaned more towards prayer, offerings, and divination over the last five years or so. I also decorate myself and my home in a way that supplements and assists me in achieving my desires. My dream practice is full of advice and extraordinary experiences. So it isn’t that magic doesn’t happen, it certainly does, it happens every day- but because of how I live my life as opposed to how I cast a particular spell.


I think people underestimate the power of a simple offering. As important as your morning cup of chai, coffee, or cigarette is to you, imagine having to rely upon the living to give them to you, because you can’t get it yourself. Ghastly thought.

I make weekly, (or more) offerings to a variety of spirits, including-



The Dead

Land Spirits

I also make a single offering weekly which I call “Covering My Ass”

“I make this offering to the spirits I know and love

I make this offering to spirits I have neglected or forgotten

I make this offering to any spirit I have offended, that I may be forgiven.”

The idea is, that if I make myself a source of desired goods, attention, and love, I become valuable to these spirits-who will in return protect me, bless me, or at the least- do me no harm.

Cleansing and Hygiene

I’ve written before about cleansing and spiritual hygiene. I take a lot of baths, but there are endless ways to get clean. I see it as the removal of what’s unnecessary in your personal sphere. The less static that surrounds you, the easier and more effective it is to be you. As someone who picks up moods, pain, suffering, and is generally (perhaps overly) affected by what’s happening in her environment, cleansing is very useful and important to me. So-for instance, if I’m feeling melancholy and someone calls me with an issue they’re having and I get angry and defensive on behalf of my friend-once I hang up, I’m going to have my original melancholy, plus anger and defensiveness.

That would be an ideal time to cleanse, so I can get back to the energies are just mine alone. So would after an argument with a loved one, a bad day at work, being exposed to a piece of media that upsets you, after an event with many people, after a nightmare and anytime you feel a bit “off”. You can pray over your finished product before you use it.

Rosemary, lavender, salt, lemon, sage, cleansing bath.

Mix together 1 tbsp each: Rosemary, lavender, sage, with the freshly grated rind of 1/2 a lemon, make a tea, strain, set aside.

To a full bath add 1 cup sea salt, and the bathing tea.

If you don’t have a bath (I’m sorry) but you can omit the lemon and make a salt scrub of lavender, sage, and rosemary oils.

1 cup salt

1/2 cup oil (olive,almond, coconut)

7d lavender

5d sage

4d rosemary

Mix together and voila! You can also roll a candle in the salt mixture for a cleansing candle to cleanse a space, or add it to an oil burner with water (holy water would be ideal) to cleanse a space.



Dear Gods,I don’t do this well, I tend to wait until something is awful-and then turn to my spirits in tears and tantrum. I’m getting better, though. I’ve found that talking to them as if they’re friends who have my best interests at heart works for me. Other ways of relating-like I’ve seen ceremonial rituals that seem as if they’re discussions between a foreman and his staff, and others that seem as if the human is a sad wretch that desperately needs the assistance-but isn’t worthy of it-and none of that works for me.

I encourage you to find a way and a language that works for you.


I do divination once a week, just for a general theory of the upcoming week. I draw 7 cards, one for each day, and if I need further advice, I’ll pull a couple more cards for the day that seems vague or troubling. This assists me in knowing what’s coming up and knowing what to ask for more support for.

There are many other real-life, day to day living opportunities, that you could infuse with mystical meaning.Good luck.

Make it beautiful.


About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, Witch of the East, Tarot and Rune Reader, Spirit Worker
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3 Responses to Life as a Spell

  1. owanderer says:

    I’ve tried making offerings to a similar amount of spirits but have found it too overwhelming. How do you balance your spiritual life and your mundane life? Your “Covering My Ass” offering is a great idea btw.

    • tanisharose says:

      As I was told by the medium in a gathering recently- “There’s no part of your life that’s mundane.”
      So the answer is I don’t try to balance the mundane and spiritual , I try to blend them. That doesn’t mean that I’m constantly in touch with spirits or that I don’t do things purely for fun. It just means that they’re welcome (within reason) to all parts of my life.
      I invite you to categorize your spirits and try offerings once a month to each category, and Do the ass-covering style offering once a month, say at the new or full moon.
      Hope that helps 🙂

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