Chakra Tonics; Muladhara

I’ve been studying under Alexis J Cunningfolk and Darcey Blue as of late, additionally, I’ve been under the care of Kirsten Hale and Heather Nic An Fleisdeir~ and I decided to experiment with Chakra Tonics.***



Chakras, as you are aware; come from the Hindu Tradition. I’ve of course seen them everywhere, and while it’s true that Chakras belong to the Hindus~ it’s a handy, useful, and thorough way of describing energy centers in the body. It’s possible that other traditions had more thorough information on ways to describe and use the energy body~ but perhaps they’ve been lost.

In any case; without reinventing the wheel-haha- here is the first of 7 chakra tonics I’ve been experimenting with.

Root Chakra, Red, Muladhara Survival, belonging, and security.

1 Part Hibiscus~ a bright red, beautiful flower, related to sexuality and good for the heart, regulating blood sugar, and increasing blood flow

1/2 Part Ginger~ roots help us feel grounded and spicy flavors bring us into our bodies, ginger is warming, soothing, and good for the digestive system

1/4 Part Motherwort~ as this is the chakra of feeling safe and grounded; Motherwort as an addition is useful to create feelings of safety, comfort, and it also helps us remain in our bodies


Add 1 heaping tbsp to a cup of hot water; steep 5~10 minutes

Add sweetener; enjoy

*** I’m not a professional herbalist, just someone who has taken classes, done some experimenting, and gone to herbalists for treatment. As with literally anything on the internet; do your own research, go forth wisely, and decide if using these tonics is the right course for your health.***







About tanisharose

Priestess of Love and Beauty, beekeeper, spirit worker, tarot and rune reader, pollinator advocate, dancer, dreamer, Cancerian, teacher, lover, follower of the Vanir, and the Orisha.
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