Love, Beauty



Isn’t this wonderful?

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On my lunch break from work I walked along wet streets, trying not to think about the internet and things on it.

And I saw this, on a crosswalk signal pole, barely there, barely noticeable except for those who might look, who might stand waiting for the light to change to cross the rivers of asphalt, a love poem of the best sort:

“Why does beauty remind us of something we cannot remember?”

And I smiled.

Another quote for you, this one from me:

You can weave love, like stories, into the warmest of cloaks to wrap about you against the coldest of winds.

Not all shields must be made of wood or metal, and not all which protects you must prevent you.

Be well.

All of you.

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Using All The Best Things!



Enjoy the beauty, now. In each and every now.

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“Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God.”Mary Manin Morrissey

While I was at university I went to a babysitting job. The family owned and ran the canteen at my college, and worked long hours. They were incredibly proud of their new brick home, and invited me in as if I had arrived at Buckingham Palace.

Over the white shag-pile carpet lay thick plastic runners. Plastic slipcovers encased every piece of furniture in the lounge. It was the height of summer so I was offered a seat on a towel, placed on top of the plastic-covered and uncomfortable sofa. I drank my cold drink from a plastic cup and ate my cake off a chipped…

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Why Freya Makes Me Cry



As a dedicant to the Venusian energies, and the spirits therein- Oshun, Freyja, Aphrodite, etc- my life is very much this way. Asking myself “what’s the most loving or harmonious action I can take?” And not just noticing beauty, but being beautiful- all make for the exquisite beauty of this post.

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Started out writing a post about the love notes, ended up writing the “why she makes me cry post”. It is what it is….

I “check in” with Freya every day–kind of like I check my email–to see if She has any words of inspiration to pass on. I do it because it’s part of my commitment to Her, to write these love notes and post them for people. It’s not because I’m particularly holy or special; I just do it because I promised I would.

I’m very sensitive all over–physically, emotionally–and it’s easy for me to be overwhelmed, so normally I keep my emotions and ability to sense things tightly locked down. But in order to hear Her, I need to open up. I When I open my shields up, I usually get a feeling, an image, and anywhere between one word/or concept and a full sentence or two…

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Appreciation is Profound




Recently, I put up a quirky little flippant Facebook post that read something like:

“Comment and I will share something I appreciate about you.”

And it is Magic! It is.

About 18 people responded, and I have over 200 friends, so I can only imagine how many people decided not to comment, or why.

And then I kinda panicked…I had *NO CLUE* what I would actually say to these people.

Commenting, though- is an act of magic, it allows my friend a moment of vulnerability, among the cats and the Gaza Madness, a moment to say “Me, please. I would like to know what you think. I would like a compliment, an appreciation.”

I’ve seen appreciations at work. In schools sometimes a sensitive teacher would go around and everyone would stand to receive a compliment or appreciation. I didn’t make the connection in the beginning, but we are all apparently, little kids waiting for the opportunity to be praised.

And wow, how it has affected me. It is so moving, so touching, so challenging, that I can’t even do more than two or three a day. I am sure that some people believe I have forgotten them. I have not. I am merely overwhelmed with emotion. These aren’t flippant, cursory compliments like “Your hair is lovely.” or “You make me smile.” I’ve been telling people how I see and feel and experience them, and it has often left me in tears.

Often, the recipient has responded with tears of their own, or merely a heartfelt “Thank You”. Their friends, often whom I don’t even know, will comment on what I’ve said. Sometimes-though this was not my intention-they respond with an appreciation *for me*. A friend called me “Love’s True Daughter”, and I have taken that as my mantra. It was so strikingly beautiful, elegant, true, and everything I have ever wanted to be. *sniffle*

It’s turned out to be an important part of my continued healing.

***Possibly slightly triggery***I’ve been working with my inner child (who was a victim of incest) and the perpetrator of this crime, called her “Stephanie”. I keep telling her that she isn’t really Stephanie, I tell her that she’s “Love’s True Daughter”. It means the world to me.***End Triggeriness***

I’m crying right now, at the beauty of this elegant, little, experiment. I hope you find a way to do something *just like this* for your loved ones. I think I’ll put out the call once a season, and maybe one day graduate to snail mail letters!

Make your magic, even if it’s just tiny, beautiful things.


Love notes from Freya, 7-14-14



Just lovely.

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And I’m back to work, and we see the return of the philosophical Freya ;)

Make yourself fully seated in order to receive the wealth of your soul. No one else knows the extent of your wealth, nor do they have access to it. It is a treasure trove set aside for you only. Being poor is a state of mind, not the reality of your soul. Don’t discount or belittle your true worth.

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Oshun Continued


Common mistakes about this deity.

Many people call her “The African Venus” which strikes me as dismissive and annoying. She is Venusian-she rocks that planet’s energies, no doubt. However, she isn’t ” The Greek Venus in Brown”. She has her own myths and comes from a living tradition (actually many) if you want to learn about her, it’s quite easy to learn from her own practitioners. You can also invite her to come to your dreams and teach you.
Trust me, she will communicate every thing she wants you to know.

Yet More Oshun


Variations on this deity (aspects, regional forms, etc.)

This is an odd one to answer, because I’m not sure this applies to Oshun, and not having traveled in the places of the Diaspora, I don’t have the ability to compare her from Cuba to her from Brazil.
I will say that she is found in traditions throughout Carribean, United States, Africa, and South America.